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When you purchase one of Cargo Express’ world-class trailers, like the EX DLX, you’re sure to find your every trailering need has been accounted for. These 5-, 6- and 7’ wide deluxe trailers come in a variety of spacious sizes, from a 5x8 to a 7x16 enclosed trailer configuration.

Single or double rear aluminum framed doors make these some truly deluxe trailers

The 5- and 6’ flat top models have a 24” wedge nose, while the 7’ flat tops bring that number up to 30”. If you’re set on a round top, you’ll find your deluxe trailer has a TPO cap, a .030 top wrap and a radius front. Either way, the aluminum exterior with one-piece aluminum roof and single or double rear aluminum framed doors exhibit the craftsmanship that goes into every EX DLX trailer.

With a wide variety of payload capacities, you won’t have to worry about what you’re taking along for the ride. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience even better by upgrading to some of our most popular trailer options. For instance, give your trailer a ramp door upgrade across all widths, brighten up the place with an extra LED dome light or improve your overall safety with a brake axle upgrade (per axle) and an interior spare tire carrier.

Our network of Cargo Express trailer dealers is primed and ready to set you up with brand new deluxe trailers, like the EX DLX, to provide plenty of quality hauling for years on down the road.


Economy 5', 6' & 7' wide Cargo Trailers
Specifications vary by plant.

• Tube Main Frame Construction
• 24" O.C. Frame
• 24" O.C. Sidewalls
• 24" O.C. Roof Bows
• Spring Axles
• EZ-Lube Hubs
• Idler Axle (Single Axle)
• 4-Wheel Electric Brakes (Tandem
• 15" Tires
• 2" Coupler (Single Axle)
• 2-5/16" Coupler (Tandem Axle)
• Safety Chains
• 2000# Tongue Jack
• Sand Pad
• 3/4" Floor
• Interior Wall Liner
• 24" Wedge Nose on 5' & 6'
Wides (Flat Top Models)
• 30" Wedge Nose on 7' Wides
(Flat Top Models)
• Slope Nose (Flat Top Models)
• TPO Cap (Round Top Models)
• .030 Top Wrap (Round Top
• Radius Front (Round Top Models)
• Aluminum Exterior
• Painted Exterior Screws - White
or Black
• One Piece Aluminum Roof
• ATP Fenders
• 16" Stoneguard
• Single Rear Aluminum Framed
Door on 5' Wides
• Double Rear Aluminum Framed
Door on 6' & 7' Wides
• Aluminum Framed 32" Wide Side
Door with Flush Lock on 6' & 7'
Wides Only
• (2) Sidewall Vents
• 4-Way Plug (Single Axle)
• 7-Way Plug (Tandem Axle)
• LED Tail Lights & Clearance Lights
• (1) LED Dome Light & Switch
• Moisture Barrier (IN & UT)
• Automotive Undercoating
• Limited 3 Year Warranty


  • Year: 2018
  • Manufacturer: Cargo Express
  • Model: EX7X12SE2DLX

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2018 Cargo Express Ex Cargo Dlx Cargo / Enclosed Trailer

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